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Breakfast and Dinner | Weekly meal plan

Try our dietitian-approved meals and find out how you can easily manage your daily diabetes nutrition without reading labels and counting your carbs, without grocery shopping, cooking and cleaning. Just heat up and enjoy.

This meal plan includes two meals a day: Breakfast and Dinner. You can also add diabetes-friendly snacks and desserts. Get your ready-to-eat meals delivered to your doorstep weekly!

***IMPORTANT*** Cut-off time for Wednesday delivery is 11:59PM on Monday, for Sunday delivery is 11:59PM on Friday. Orders placed for outside of GTA delivery are being shipped on Wednesdays by a third party carrier. Estimated delivery time is 24-48 hours upon fulfilment.

Please note: this is a pre-set meal plan, you can't make any substitutions, although you can pick your own meals from our weekly changing menu.

Allergy alert! If you have any food allergies, please carefully read all the labels here.

Images displayed on this page are for demonstration purposes only. We are unable to guarantee that you will get the exact same meals as displayed on this page. You can look through the meals for a nearest delivery in our weekly changing menu.