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About Us

Nutrition Balance has been helping Canadians eat healthy since 2016. We are providing our customers with fresh and nutritious ready-to-eat meals, designed to keep blood glucose levels under control.

In 2019, we successfully launched our long-awaited Diabetes-Friendly Meals, offering our customers a perfect way to manage diabetes while enjoying their portion-controlled and nutrient-dense meals. This initiative was met with great enthusiasm so we decided to go further.

In 2020, our Diabetes-Friendly Meal delivery service became a very special branch of our business. It allows everyone diagnosed with diabetes to enjoy our delicious menu customized to meet all necessary standards.

Our meals have been specifically designed by a qualified nutritionist for people diagnosed with prediabetes and type 2 diabetes and approved by registered dietitian. All recipes used meet the requirements of dietary guidelines provided by the Canadian and American Diabetes Associations and approved by registered dietitian.

Dietitian-Approved Menu

Nicole Marchand is a Registered Dietitian specializing in gastrointestinal illnesses and chronic disease prevention and management since 2012. Nicole joined Nutrition Balance in order to help develop and approve recipes suitable for those living with diabetes meaning that they are rich in fibre, whole foods and colourful vegetables and low in refined carbohydrates.

Nicole Marchand, RD: "The approved recipes are all well-balanced, nutrient-rich and portion-controlled, all of which improve insulin and blood sugar levels. At this time, there is no macronutrient distribution or perfect diet plan that would fit everyone living with diabetes. However, consensus amongst most studies show that a Mediterranean diet as well as the DASH diet, both of which are rich in fibre, whole ‘intact’ grains and plant-based proteins and low in refined carbohydrates such as processed starches and sugars and sodium, are beneficial for those with diabetes.

When it comes to carbohydrate content of the meals, recipes were only approved if each meal had at least 5g of fibre, preferably more. Meals were also approved only if there was at least 1 cup of colourful, non-starchy vegetables. Some of the plant-based recipes are seemingly higher in total carbohydrate, but due to the source of the carbohydrate (such as legumes or intact whole grains), these options are rich in fibre and resistant starch. Legumes along with these non-absorbable carbohydrates have positive effects on blood sugar control, insulin levels and cardiovascular risk factors."

Our Commitment

According to the Canadian Diabetes Association currently 11 millions of Canadians (or nearly one third of population of our country) have diabetes or prediabetes. We find it crucial to raise awareness of the risks this condition might bring about and to create an easy-to-follow customized diet that makes a difference in our community's life.

People who have been diagnosed with diabetes don't need to say 'no' to delicious meals. What is important is how much you eat and what your meals consist of. We spare you the time and effort spent on reading labels, counting the carbs and actually cooking by providing carefully prepared fresh and healthy meals that will help you self-manage diabetes on a daily basis.

Our Story

Few years ago Ilona Gorelik – a Humber College Food and Nutrition Management program graduate – created a very special menu for her Mom, to help her shed unwanted pounds.

A smart combination of nutrient-packed delicious meals and careful portion control showed promising results. Ilona's professional guidance and constant emotional support ensured the success of her Mom's weight loss journey.

And this is how the idea of Nutrition Balance was born.

Today Nutrition Balance is a family-owned business, operating a professionally equipped kitchen in Downtown Toronto – with skilled chefs, high-quality ingredients and automated packaging equipment.

Ilona and her team of qualified nutritionists are designing various menus and meal plans that fit different lifestyles. Our nutritionists are always in touch with customers to help them adjust to new exciting routines and provide care and support during their wonderful life transformation.